Carpet Cleaning

We are an authorized service partner of Knecht GmbH in Gais (Appenzell) and an official drop off location for professional carpet cleaning and repairs. Our partnership with Knecht is impeccable and we have worked with them for many years. They have optimal conditions for cleaning hand-knotted carpets. You can bring rugs directly to us in the showroom or for a small fee we pick them up at your home (city and region Zurich). Please allow about two weeks for cleaning, however you will be amazed how well your carpets are cleaned.

Our prices for cleaning are in accordance with the recommended prices from  SOV (Swiss carpet dealer association), including VAT. The fringes are inlcuded in the measurements for washing rugs, carpets and flatweaves.

Rug pick up and delivery service
Phone & Whatsapp: 044 820 22 88

Kilims and flat weaves (except antique items)
CHF 50.– per square meter 

Carpets made of wool – up to 250,000 knots per square meter 
CHF 65 .– per square meter

Carpets made of wool, natural fibers, and high pile over 250,000 knots per square meter
CHF 70.– per square meter

Tufted rugs and rugs with a high pile and design rugs, made from viscose materials and/or chemical fibres
CHF 90.- per square meter

Carpets made of silk
CHF 100.– per square meter

Oversize Carpets
Carpets over 12 / 16 square meters in size have a surcharge of 15/20 francs per square metre (including VAT)

Lasts up to 10 years, CHF 15.- per M2

Stain and odour removal
Fot the application of deep stains and smells like wine stains or cat urine which require more than regular washing. Charged @ CHF 130 .- / hour

Carpet underlay
Made-to-measure CHF 40 .- / m2 including VAT, shipping costs are additional (if required)

Express cleaning services
Within one week from a Friday. CHF 50.-/item

Storage fees
We also offer the option to securely store your carpet with us for any duration you require. The storage fee is only CHF 20.- per carpet per month.


“I want to thank you for the personal service. It was perfect and our freshly cleaned carpet shines again to its former glory. Thanks!”

“Thank you for sending me the photos and supporting documents. The fast service has impressed me very much.”


Whether you need a unique carpet for an event such as a wedding, photo shoot, or film set we’ve got you covered.

Carpets can be rented from us at short notice (sometimes even on the same day). Browse online or arrange an appointment to view potential options to suit your needs. We offer delivery options for a surcharge or you can pick up for free at our showroom or warehouse.

Send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.

“Thank you for sending me the photos and supporting documents. The fast service has impressed me very much.”

Sell your carpet to us

We offer you the opportunity to sell your carpet (or more) to us as long as it is handmade and in an acceptable condition.

In order for us to be able to optimally process your request, we ask you to email us:

  • Description of the carpet (if you know it)
  • Length and width in centimeters (without fringes)
  • A photo of the front and back (maximum 5 MB per email)
  • Defective areas, possible damages (if applicable)
  • Receipts and invoices (if applicable)
  • The price you would like to get (realistic to part from it)
  • Please mention if you want to buy a new carpet from us and wish to use store credit towards a new carpet
  • Your contact details including a contact telephone number

Further information


Click this Link to see a small tutorial on how to send us your rugs and carpets. 

“Thank you for the excellent advice and the great service in all respects. We only have praise for Teppichportal.”

Follow the intention of the weaver. Never try to improve on him. - J.M. Coetzee

Other Services

If your carpet is damaged, email us and we will provide you with an estimate for repair.

Estimates + carpet identification
Suitable for:
  • General claims
  • Theft (preventive)
  • Inheritance / Assistance / Inventories
  • Fair market value (sale)
  • Buy estimates – if you want to check a price before buying
  • Collections
  • Transport damage
  • Insurance estimates (household and supplementary insurance)
  • Water damage
  • Second opinions after the purchase or to settle a dispute
Rates for carpet expertise
Travel costs are calculated at CHF 2.-  per kilometer driven (including 7.7% VAT)

Verbal information
Hourly rate: CHF 135.00/ hour plus travel costs Daily rate: CHF 810.00/ day plus travel costs

Verbal information at our showroom in Zurich or at your home
CHF 35.00 per carpet + possibly travel expenses (outside showroom)

Written estimate, by email as PDF printable (Print at home)
CHF 75.00 per carpet + possibly travel expenses (outside showroom)

Written estimate, delivered by mail
CHF 85.00 per carpet + possibly travel expenses (outside showroom)
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Carpet Installation
Carpets do not necessarily have to stay on the floor – they can look gorgeous hanging on your wall as well. We have hangers for carpets for wall mounting.

Repair & restoration services

We can repair your rugs, carpets and flatweaves: Repair, reinsert, remove or hem fringes Mend holes Crank the edges

  • fringes: complete removal, repairs, fixation, renewal or mending of fringes
  • fix damages and mend holes
  • renewal fo edges

Repairs usually take between two and three weeks. We work with a specialist repairer who has been restoring for over 30 years. You will be very pleased with the excellent results. You will continue to enjoy & love your rugs, carpets and kelims for many more years to come!

We quote on the scope of the work involved. Contact 

Follow the intention of the weaver. Never try to improve on him. - J.M. Coetzee